Thursday, 24 June 2010

Home Brewing Workshop

On Saturday, the Melton Sustainable Living Group hosted a home brew workshop at my house. 

Kim filmed the workshop, and I have edited it into three parts.  I hope you find the time to watch this educational documentary, courtesy of the MSLG. 

Part One

Part Two

Part Three with Q&A session

The next day, I checked the Cider to see their progress.  The cider was not bubbling, so I took off the lid to ensure that it was indeed fermenting (which it was), so I screwed the lid back on super tight.  This sealed it correctly this time, and the airlock started working ferociously. 

And as for the Cider today, well due to the fact that I only put in 500gm of Dextrose, it looks like it has finished fermenting as well.  I will check it with the hydrometer and possibly bottle it tomorrow night!  I can taste it already.