Wednesday, 23 September 2009

An Eye on Climate Change

I recently received an email from Rodney Dekker, a local Melton resident who is married to Desrae, one of the friends of the MSLG. He is a freelance photo journalist focused on climate change storytelling.

He has travelled to Bangladesh and made a story board for Oxfam about the effects of a cyclone that occurred in 2007 that killed tens of thousands of people in low laying areas of the country.  Here is a video of what he saw.  It is quite powerful and eye opening.

The images he took are a timely reminder of why the up-coming negotiations at Copenhagen in December are so important, and this may be the last chance we have to set realistic targets that reverse or at least stabilise the climate before the human race creates climate chaos by our own negligence.  I for one feel ashamed that our country has the dubious honour of over taking the USA as the worst polluters per capita in the world.  Australia will be and has been the first developed nation that is already seeing the impact of this global inaction. This needs to change big time.  We need to campaign harder to avert this disaster.  Oxfam Australia have a petition and letter to send to the Climate Change Minister, Hon Penny Wong about strengthening  Australia’s Green House Gas targets.  Here is the link to demanding stronger climate change action.  I urge anyone who cares about future generations to send this urgent message to our elected officials.

Rodney has offered to do a slide show for us at one of the meetings.  I think we should take him up on his offer in December and invite as many guest and friends as we can.

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Patrick said...

Looking forward to seeing his pictures. Imagery like this grabs people's attention and helps brings home the reality of the massive changes that climate change will have on our world.

Patrick Mc