Friday, 8 May 2009

Media Release

Local Sustainability group open for new members

Melton Sustainable Living Group was recently formed to raise community awareness about the actions that individuals and business can take to lower their personal carbon footprint and to build local sustainability in water, energy, waste, transport and food production.

Last night (May 7th) the group held a community meeting at the Melton Community Hall and attracted more than 18 Melton Shire residents, who are keen to learn more about the simple actions that they could make to green up their lifestyle. Among the group were members of the Alternative Technology Association, people interested in community gardens and several people who are involved in Sustainability in their professional lives.

Commenting after the meeting, Melton Sustainable Living Group President Gavin Webber said: “The evening was a big success. It was great to share with other local like minded people ideas we all have for making our lives, and the lives of our families better - saving money and saving the planet. Most people want to take positive action in their own lives, we just need to work out how we do it. We plan to hold more public meetings to inform ourselves and others about how we can live sustainably and help the family budget.”

“New members are warmly encouraged to join and have their say as to what the group should focus on. There is interest in the group on installing solar panels and solar hot water, energy conservation, growing your own vegetables, retrofitting your house to save energy and lower your power bills,” Mr. Webber said.

Melton Shire residents interested in being involved can look at the groups’ web-site on or contact the group via email: “We would warmly welcome anyone who has similar interests,” Mr. Webber added.

The next meeting for potential new members of the group will be held on Saturday, 23rd May, 2-4pm. For details, contact the group via email.

For media enquiries contact:

Gavin Webber


Melton Sustainable Living Group

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