Saturday, 2 May 2009

Awareness Meeting

Don’t forget the MSLG Awareness meeting being held on the 7th May 2009. Please refer to the poster below for details. Click to enlarge.

MSLG awareness meeting May 7th 2009, flyer

There will be two presentations, one by Gavin about his journey towards a sustainable lifestyle, and one from another group, who will hopefully talk about why and how they formed their group and what projects they have done. It should make for an interesting evening. How to see you, and any prospective members there.

Don’t forget to try and put up a few flyers on community notice boards during the weekend. Thanks!


Wombat said...

Are you going to have more meetings. I would love to come but my sister in law is leaving the country on the 7th. I have just brought my first house in Melton and would love to get involved in the environmental community here.Do you have regular meetings and are any of those on weekends?

Gavin said...

Hi Wombat. Yes we do. We have fortnightly meetings and all are on the weekend. Send me an email at for further details.