Monday, 9 November 2009

Fun at the DJ Festival

All I can say is that I believe that our stand at the DJ festival was a success and fun to boot.  Not only did we get the message out into the community that we exist, met many like minded people from other environmental groups in our shire, we made $121 for the group by selling plants grown by Michael, Jan and Gavin, chicken and duck eggs donated by Jan, and T-Shirts and hats for members provided by Kim.  I must say the the Sunflower plants were the biggest seller of the day followed by the salad gardens and the multitude of heirloom tomatoes.

It was a great day, and it was good to see that many members and volunteers were able to man the stand throughout the day.  Here are some photos of the event taken early in the morning.

DJ Festival 001

Setting up at the start of the day

DJ Festival 006

The first shift.  Left to right; Amanda, Amy & David

DJ Festival 002

Inside the marquee as you move from left to right; The Gardening Panel. 

DJ Festival 003

Green Cleaning and Energy efficiency panels

DJ Festival 004

Poultry and Preserving & Baking panels

DJ Festival 005

Finally the Waste and Water panels.

There were free ReNew and G magazines, lots of informational booklets and even a renters guide to going green.  We gave away about 40% of the booklets, so there was quite an interest in what we were doing.  We had 10 people who were interested in further information about the next meeting, which I thought was fantastic. 

All in all, a great event.  Many thanks to all who contributed to make it as successful as it was.  Special thanks to Iramoo for the loan of the display boards; Sustainability Victoria, Environment Victoria, Iramoo, Melbourne Water, and the ATA for all the educational material; and to Kim for all the hard work on the pictures and laminating.

See you all at the next meeting as it will be very informative.  It is a workshop at Michael Howard’s house and we will be learning how Michael prepares his veggie patch for the scorching summer ahead and how to still have a productive patch.

For details of the groups activities and when meetings are held, please call Kim on 03 97473616 for further information.

Warm regards,

Gavin Webber, President

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