Sunday, 7 November 2010

DJ Festival 2010

The group had a stall yesterday at the Djerrawarrah Festival, which is the main event of the year in our town.  Our stall had display boards, educational pamphlets, drought tolerant succulents, vegetable seedlings, and buckets and buckets of sheep poo.  Everyone who volunteered had a great time telling people about the sort of things they can do at home to grow their own food, save energy and money, and to green up their lifestyles.  We even had about 6 people express interest in joining the group, which is a fantastic outcome.  Hopefully they will join our merry band of environmentally aware citizens.

Here are some photos and commentary from throughout the day.

David, Jonathan, Caroline, and Amy

David and Renata,

The growing section of the stall

The undercover educational display boards and pamphlets

Gavin holding up the tent, looking friendly in an attempt to entice the crowds in to the display.

Jake manning the displays

Jake, Gavin, Rick and David late in the day.

The raffle prize.  We sold 160 tickets and a local lady from Melton West won the prize.  I know she will have fun setting up the mini vegetable patch!

The sheep poo.  We even met the guy who donated it.  We thought they would be a hit.  They were not.  People did not want to carry the bucket around the festival.

Jiffy pellets that we thought would sell.  They did not.

Herbs and succulents.

Tommy Toe tomatoes.

More succulents.  They were a big selling item as were the vegetable seedlings.

Gavin showing a local all of the things members do around their homes.

Getting tired by now.

Waiting for the final bell to go home.  There was no-one around by this stage.

The pack up crew.  David, Jake, Megan and Gavin.  Rick is taking the picture.

I would like to thank all volunteers who helped out on the day, but a special thanks goes to our Secretary, Kim, who has worked tirelessly for the last two weeks organising everything and keeping the event on track.  Well done to all and thanks for a great day!

Gavin Webber

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