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"It doesn't cost the Earth to be green."

The members of Melton Sustainable Living Group believe in changing the world by thinking globally, but by acting locally. The MSLG brings sustainable living to Melton Shire ensuring a cleaner, greener and more resilient community for all.

The MSLG meets once a month, every 3rd Saturday, to exchange ideas, harvests, produce, and discuss sustainable living projects.

The group provides practical knowledge and experience via workshops, about how to lower personal emissions, energy efficiency, growing your own food garden, renewable energy, frugal living, soap making, preserving food, composting, worm-farming, rainwater harvesting and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

In addition to monthly meetings, documentary nights are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, to educate members and friends about current environmental issues facing our society.

Membership is $20 per year. Newsletters are sent monthly.

If you would like more info about the group and meeting locations, visit us;



or phone:    MSLG Secretary (Kim) on 97473616


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Council Candidates 2020 and their Sustainability Priorities for the City of Melton

Recognising the important role that local governments are playing around the world in tackling our sustainability challenges, we wanted to share the sustainability priorities the City of Melton Councillor candidates. In 2020 we have 37 Melton candidates vying for Councillor positions across our three wards. We invited them to complete our survey, so we can share their positions on this issues with you.  We appreciate the efforts of these locals standing up to represent us, and special thanks to the 17 candidates who have filled out the survey so far (we will update this in the next few days if we get more). We are not endorsing or ranking these candidates - just providing them the opportunity to share their priorities and what sorts of initiatives they will champion if elected. Candidates are listed by ward in the order that they replied to the survey (earliest to latest).   While there are many areas we could focus on, we selected a few priority areas shared by Melton Sustainable Livi

Clay Oven Workshop

On Saturday, the group held a clay oven workshop at Gavin & Kims place which was well attended by members of the Melton Sustainable Living Group.  We had ten willing workers at our disposal, and we managed to occupy them all on various tasks during the day. So from this: To this in two hours (plus one day's drying and sand removal)! So let me step you through what we did during the workshop.  However, be warned, there are lots of photos (click to enlarge). Before everyone turned up at 10am, I received an order at 8am of 1 cubic metre of packing sand, which has a high clay content.  Kim and I had to shift this sand from the roadside to the area where we were making the oven.  It took me the good part of an hour to do this work alone.  After a cuppa and a biscuit, I made this template for the sand dome.  It is 50cm high and 85cm wide. This picture shows how the sand dome was being formed.  Four people on a quadrant building up sand. Here is the sand dome nearly

sustainbility tour of Melton library this Saturday

This coming Saturday (26 October '13) the Melton Sustainable Living Group are having a bumper meeting - first a tour of the sustainability features of Melton's new library, then a workshop to plan our future events! We will kick off at 10am with the sustainability features tour, run by Kellie from Melton City Council. After some morning tea, we will then get into planning our future events. We welcome your enthusiasm, ideas and offers, including joint activities with other local groups. If you would like to join the group, please email Patrick (our secretary) at