Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Autumn Harvest Festival

On Saturday, the Melton Sustainable Living Group had its monthly meeting, which also included a workshop about container gardening for renters, and the yearly harvest festival.  All members were encouraged to bring along stuff they have grown, preserved or made to swap or sell.  I took along this basket of goodies.

It contained 2 dozen home laid eggs, a jar of cherry jam, a jar of feijoa jam, some eggplants, a bunch of spring onions, two bags of grated Parmesan cheese, and 200gms of Komijnekass.  On the way past the garden I threw in 5 green and yellow capsicums (peppers), which filled up the basket.

Suffice to say, the meeting/workshop/harvest festival was good fun, and Stacey put on a great workshop.  Once it was time for tea and scones, the food swap started.  The eggs and cheese when straight away, as did the cherry jam.  I ended selling most of it, but swapped the spring onions for some ying and yang bean seeds, and the feijoa jam for a jar of plum jam with Michael.

Kim bought some tomato relish, and got given some bunches of herbs for drying (marjoram, rosemary, thyme).

We had a great day as did all of the members that came along.  Once again, a big thank you goes out to Stacey for being such a great host!

Gavin Webber
President MSLG Inc.

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