Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outcome of AGM

We had a great turn out for the Group AGM yesterday at Kim & Gavin's place. A huge vote of thanks was given to them and David for their work over the past few years, along with Stacey and Michael (the 2012/13 committee's ordinary members).

Gavin, Kim and their family are taking a break from the group for the next year, but we hope to see them at an activity in the near future.

We elected a new committee for 2013/14: Stacey W (president), Jan M (Treasurer), Patrick Mc (Secretary), Jonathan C and Mandie M (ordinary members).

The committee have their first meeting next weekend, and will soon be in contact with members to arrange the new calendar of activities.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the group or leave us a comment below.

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Karen Ellis said...

Patrick I am a local Melton resident and have joined MSLG blog as a follower.

I am moderator of Facebook Group Melton Bowerbirds at

Melton Bowerbirds is an eclectic group that like its avian mascot the Bowerbird, is passionate about collecting bits and pieces for reuse, recycling and reinvention. Members share their stories, tips and projects that inspire each other to be thrifty as well as creative.

I look forward to receiving the MSLG newsletter in due course.

Best wishes from Karen