Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Growing Your Way to Freedom

People often ask me why I grow my own food.  I simply reply that it gives me freedom.  I can eat fresh, wholesome food straight from the garden, in the sound knowledge that it did not come from far away, or was raised using pesticides,herbicides or fossil fuels.  I am providing food for my family’s needs.  What could be more sustainable than that?

Here is a good example.  The Dervaes family who live in Pasadena, CA in the USA that have achieved amazing things on the same sized suburban block that many Australians own.  Theirs is a 809 square metre block and just about every single scrap of land is used to grow food.  It is a very inspiring story.

And a longer video about the family and their Path to Freedom;

Did you notice they they didn’t have any rainwater tanks?  Somehow I think that if any of us went to this extreme, we would have to have a 50,000 litre tank squirreled away somewhere!

Anyway, sorry about the mass of date changes for the next meeting.  I will be so happy when we get a committee together and set regular meeting dates.  Oh well, early days.

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