Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Solar Suburbs Scheme

I received this email from our local council.  It is a great way to get a small Solar PV system at a bargain rate as low as $1600 for a 1kW system!  I wish this deal was around when I purchased my system.

Melton Council is currently participating in a solar panel bulk purchasing scheme - The 'Solar Suburbs' scheme.

This scheme has been led by Brimbank City Council and other participating western region councils include Hume, Moorabool, Wyndham and Moonee Valley.

The scheme represents an opportunity for residents of Melton to take advantage of the $8000.00 Federal Government Solar Rebate (which finishes on June 30th), benefit from the reduced costs associated with bulk purchasing of products, save on future electricity bills and do something positive for the environment. Although the current solar rebate will be replaced with another subsidy scheme after June 30th, the new subsidy will likely be of lower value.

A commercial provider, Clear Solar, has been selected from a list of companies who responded to a call for expressions of interest. Selection was made by a panel of two independent experts.

Melton Council's participation in the scheme is limited to promotion and facilitation so further information should be sought from the provider, Clear Solar. All contracts are between Clear Solar and the purchaser.

For more information click on the link below to access the Clear Solar website, which contains detailed information about the scheme, or contact Clear Solar on the phone numbers below.

The Clear Solar website will also provide updated information about 2 planned information evenings in Melton and a 'signup' day.

    • Malcolm Bish - 0402 413 564
    • Matt Jones - 0425 236 600


Bernadette Power
Environmental Planning and Sustainability Officer

Shire of Melton

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