Saturday, 20 June 2009

Kev's Patch

If Barack Obama can have a veggie patch, why can't Kevin Rudd! It took a lot of campaigning by many concerned citizens who voiced their opinion at They made such an impact that Michelle Obama actually turned over the first sod in the garden herself. Many American families are following suit and have begun to plant 'Recession Gardens'. The First Lady even appeared on Oprah to tout the benefits of growing your own organic vegetables. Now that the President of the USA and family has an organic supply of yummy vegetables in the Whitehouse's yard, there should be no reason why our Kev can't rip up some of the lawn at the Lodge (the official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia), and put in a veggie patch just like the one that Peter Cundall made at the Royal Botanical Garden in Hobart. After all, the upkeep of the Lodge is paid for by Australian taxpayers dollars, so technically it belongs to all Australians. Just look at all that potential veggie patch space in the photo below!

In fact it was Peter, whilst visiting the Lodge as a finalist for 2009 Australian of the year, who actually suggested it to Kevin and Teresa over a cuppa. They were apparently interested, as our PM was raised on a farm in Queensland. Apparently Peter and his mate Mike Plane have been on the campaign trail for over a year, but they haven't had much luck.

Here is where we proud Australians and any International visitors come into the picture. Fellow concerned citizens and I have started a campaign and have created a dedicated website.  Have a visit to Kev’s Patch!  I believe it will be the start of something really big.
So this is what I ask of you, if you are game. Send the PM a little message at his official web site, just like Darren and I have. If you really want to, you can mention our blogs! Now that reminds me of a dream I once had.

Here is my letter to our Prime Minister. I hope you have a go as well. You can use mine as a basic template if you like. I don't mind at all.

Organic Veggie Garden at the Lodge - Kev's Patch

Dear Mr Prime Minister Rudd,

My friend Darren Collins and I are very impressed with the way that Barack Obama and his family planted an organic vegetable garden in the Whitehouse grounds, and were wondering if you would consider planting a similar garden at the Lodge.

We believe that by setting an example, other Australians would follow your example and begin to grow their own wholesome veggies, and therefore begin to learn how to provide for themselves in a small way. I have also read that Peter Cundall has offered to help you in this endeavour and has even persuaded some organic veggie gardeners to maintain it for you. I believe that this is an offer too good to refuse!

Please consider this proposal, as I believe it will give hope and offer inspiration to many ordinary Australians.



So what do you think? Do you think it is a worthwhile campaign. Let us both know via a comment. While you are writing your comment, have a look at this you tube video from the US campaign to fire you up!

This Lawn is Your Lawn
Gavin Webber

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